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Molas Lake

Andrews Lake

The fishing bridge on Andrews Lake

A female Mallard Duck

The Male Mallard

The dogs were anxious to hike

A picnic spot at Haviland Lake

A fisherwoman and her dog

Shoreline view of Haviland Lake

I spotted a beaver in the lake

Beautiful wildflowers at the entrance to the campground

The Needle Mountains along Hwy 550

Pretty flowers

What a entrance gate to this property

Coming up on the Ski Resort & Village

Where the park used to be

Notice the flat top mountain in the distance


Heading back to Silverton on Hwy 550

More mountain views

A patch of daisies at a lookout stop

Check out this view!

Molas Lake in the distance

View from Molas Pass Overlook

The railroad tracks for the Durango & Silverton train crossing the river...

Road construction at the bridge into Silverton


We saw these guys in a trailer on one of our stops....

It was forecasted to rain today, so we decide to take a drive up Hwy 550 up out of Silverton to explore. We were actually looking for Purgatory Campground & Columbine Campground to check out for future camping. We had been told to visit Molas Pass also. There is a campground near the top of the pass on Molas Lake owned by the Town of Silverton. There were only a couple of sites that we would be able to park the Dutch Star in. Molas Pass is at a 10910 elevation.

We decided to stop at Andrews Lake just on the other side of the pass for a picnic lunch. We opened the car doors to discover that it was winter temps...burr! We enjoyed our picnic in the car, but the view was spectacular.

We continued on down the the road and the next thing we knew we were at Haviland Lake & campground. How did we pass up Purgatory & Columbine? We got out and took in the view of the lake and wildflowers. We headed back up Hwy 550 towards Silverton. We stopped in at a local liquor store and inquired about Purgatory and Columbine campgrounds. We just couldn't imagine that we both missed the signs. Come to find out, the parks had been closed nearly 5 years ago. Now they are occupied by very expensive looking homes and condos and a ski resort & village.

The mountains over Molas Pass are breathtaking both coming and going. It was a good day for exploring.

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