Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Looking for food

At Charlie and Shari's camp

We're BACK!

Shirley heading to the mall

Kick Off

We had our own Super Bowl party

Just when the Giants went ahead

We all like Madonna

Izzy happy with the Giants win

Trevor bumed by the Pats loss

After joining Charlie and Sheri for Church in Benson we stayed and enjoyed the pot luck lunch being offered. Great food and fellowship. We came back and unplugged our camper and headed back to Tucson and once again we are in the parking lot of TMM. I have my follow up appointment for my kidney stone later today. All the people still volunteering here had Super Bowl plans already so I stayed at the camper and watched the game on our TV. What a great game. I must say I was betwixt and between as to who to root for but at the end it was the Jersey Giants. I just blocked out the NY on their helmets. One of the best Super Bowls and I really like Madonna and thought the half time show was outstanding. Shirley, of course saw none of the game. She went shopping instead which is OK since she doesn't care for sports and I do. Sometimes I'm prone to yell at the TV. Not sure how long we will be here. I need to get my hearing aid fixed and depending how long that takes will determine when we leave. Free camping again at TMM and free laundry too! Enjoy the pics.

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