Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Strip mine view from back of our camper in Bisbee

Warren Ballpark

Warren Ballpark

Warren Ballpark

Warren Ballpark

Warren Ballpark

View from our camper in Bisbee

Nice picture Shirley

Welcome to Tombstone


Allen St.

Inside Chrystal Palace Saloon

Still true

Bird Cage Theater

Longest poker game

"Ladies" room across the hall from the game

Showing us how it was done in the 1800's

Down we go

And down

Inside mine

It was ok

Left over

The Earps and Doc Holiday spoilin' for a fight

Looking for those scoundrals

The Doc a little tipsy

Uh oh

Actual spot for the shoot out

Big Nose Kate's Saloon

Best western bar we've been in

You can get just about anything

The 1882 Courthouse

Court room in historic court house

Nice stairs

Me and Mr. Bones

Inside the Longhorn

Inside the Longhorn

Inside the Longhorn

O.K. Corral and Tombstone Arizona that is. Boy oh boy did we do up Tombstone and what fun. We stayed in yet another campground where we could walk to the sights. We pulled in early and had the entire day. But on our way we stopped by the oldest continuing used baseball park in America. The Warren Ballpark just outside of Bisbee was built in 1909 a year before Wrigley Field in Chicago. While they never had major league baseball there, they had minor league ball and Babe Ruth was even there to play an exhibition game his last year with the Yanks. I love old ballparks. Anyway,Tombstone is how you would expect it to be. A 3 block western town blocked to traffic with wooden sidewalks on both sides of the street and historic buildings and interesting markers of where things happened. We started with a history of Tombstone which was a silver mining town with lots of money.We were in such places as the Bird Cage Theater where the longest running poker game was held (over 4 years) with people well known such as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday. The actual table and basement saloon are still intact along with the rooms which housed the legal ladies of the night. We toured the original courthouse built in 1882 which housed excellent historical artifacts of the time. We took a mine tour, and this time I went all the way in. Fully lighted and about like a cavern. Very interesting as we wound under the town where above at Big Nosed Kate's Saloon (True) had a secret shaft down to the mine. And of course we went to the O.K. Corral and stood in the exact spot that the Earps and Doc Holiday shot it out with their arch enemies. They had a recreation in a live performance which was excellent. We finished out day with dinner at the Longhorn across from the Chrystal Palace. What a fun day. Enjoy the pics.

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