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Road to Olmos

Road to Olmos


Stupidly early wake up for a silly early flight out of Ecuador. Had arranged a car from the hotel to the airport but I think we got the concierges mate, Helen wasn't happy but it was only 5 minutes and he got us to the airport without incident charging only $5 so ok in the end. When we got on the plane it was the same cabin service director that we arrived with from NY 24 hours earlier, he genuinely welcomed us back on board. Pleasant and scenic flight down the Andes.

I didn't really think I'd ever come back here, it's a once been it's done city but that was before I started this job, I think I might be a fairly regular visitor in the future. Had lunch in the Hotel and then decided to go for a walk towards the Locomar plaza that I liked the last time, the walk was further than I thought but as the plaza had a Hello Kitty shop the boss was impressed. Nice beer overlooking the Pacific breakers then a rickety taxi back.

Another stupidly early flight, this time with a 4am wake up to get a 6am flight to Chiclayo then a pick-up and 2 hour drive to the factory in Olmos. Full day audit before drive back to Chiclayo and an evening flight back to Lima with the hotel car waiting for us in arrivals again. Straight to the club lounge for a couple of glasses of wine even if "Dorithy" the lounge manager thought we probably looked too scuzzy for his lounge, I think we earned it today.

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