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We're in place, good thing we placed our chairs here early!

Today's race announcer...

Look's like two teams are in place, ready to go!

Check this out, there's not one foot on the ground, wow!

Looks like the Flinstone team is getting ready next...

Now that's an intense look if I've ever seen one!

Love the skirts guys...

And no, they didn't win!!! This was the loser's pose, lol...

Our friends are performing tonight at the street dance...

Dick & Lou, cutting a rug, 'errrr' pavement!

I'm running a bit behind in posting but time seems to fly by each and every day. I promise, I'll try to keep up a bit better in the future.

Last Friday we met at the VFW for dinner before heading downtown (2 blocks!) for the hospital bed races. Fortunately we decided to set our chairs up along the side of the street (it was already blocked off for the races) before we ate dinner. There were only a few minutes left before race time when we returned and there was already a large crowd gathered. But our chairs were still in place, untouched. There's not many places you can do that, is there?

The racers were all introduced and included representatives from the firefighters, the hospital, the Flintstone's Campground, the Holy Rollers and I'm not sure who else. Sorry if I missed any of you!

Team Useta Cuddas retained the title they won last year, coming in first place and earning a $153 prize. After an initial loss in their own custom designed bed, the team went on to win the rest of their races with the traditional carts provided. The Custer Regional Hospital team came in second, winning a $102 prize. All of the teams made a valiant effort and were a lot of fun to watch!

Afterward we headed over to the street dance, held from 8pm-12am. Our favorite local band, Pleasant Valley Sunday were onstage for the evening. The weather was beautiful and we danced the night away. I know, surprising huh? Larry & I have never been very good at dancing, but hey, you're never too old to learn, or at least try! Right??? It was a neat way to end a fun day. See you next time at the parade....

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