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Two turkeys to be Thankful for!

Julie, her daughter Simone, and husband Jay

OT & Norine, our neighbors Bob & Donna, Spike & I

A Group picture with the twin 5 month old, baby girls peeking...

The tangelo tree

The grapefruit tree (and my solar dryer!)

The party lights installed on the roof of the patio. It provides...

Once we get here then the work begins. OT had already tackled the weeds for us, but the casita needed to be cleaned up, and the area rug laid down.(Thankfully it fit and it looks nice. Zoey is especially happy, as the hardwood floor is pretty slick for her to navigate.) The guys installed the party lights in the roof of the patio, after many drawings and ideas on how to install them. There was lots of verbal abuse between the 2 retired submarine sailors during the install process!

The infamous lemon tree, that traveled in the RV shower from Tucson last year, did not make it. It was very brown and very dry, and a couple other plants died too. Trying to figure out how much to water everything here, is challenging for us Washingtonians. So we went to the nursery and got another lemon tree, and we will try again. The two big trees, grapefruit and orange tree, did really well. The very heavy pruning the guys did last year, plus year round watering, has caused the trees to leaf out and they are both heavy with fruit. The orange tree is really a tangelo tree. The fruit is starting to turn color, so we will have a taste test soon.

And Yes, the rototiller has been put to use. Spike has rototilled his vegetable beds after adding more compost and fertilizer. He has planted tomato plants and started some other vegetables from seeds. And now of course the temps have dipped down to the 40's at night, and only in the low 60's during the day. I know you feel really sorry for us only getting up to 65 degrees!

Thanksgiving was delicious! There were 10 of us for dinner and two 5 month old baby girls. The weather was cool, 65 degrees, and cloudy, but very comfortable. We were able to eat outside on the patio! (I still can't used to the concept of warm weather at Thanksgiving. An interesting thing to note about eating outside here. It is dusty so you can't set the table the night before like I could at home because of the dust. In one hour it will be dirty and you'll have to wash it down again). We cooked two 9.5 pound turkeys on the smoker, and they got done way before we thought they would. (In 2 hours instead of the predicted 3 hours). So that caused us to have to hurry up with all the side dishes and eat at least an hour earlier than planned. But we were flexible and hungry, so it all worked out.

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