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Arch Rock

Pelicans on Rock near Arch Rock

View from ARch Rock Viewpoint

Rocks at Arch Rock Viewpoint

Natural Bridge

Thomas Creek Bridge

Whalehead Beach

Whalehead Beach

Whale Rock

House Rock

View at Rainbow Rock

Iain talking to Cyclist from Kelowna

Rainbow Rock

Seagull at Rainbow Rock Viewpoint

View at Rainbow Rock

Near Brookings

Interesting house at Brookings

Brookings Beach

Flower at Campground

We set of northwards after breakfast. We had kept delaying this, first to Rest on Sunday then to avoid what was predicted to be a dull day yesterday. Today started off cloudy with mist over the sea. The drive to the Oregon Border is mostly inland, and by the time we reached there the mist was lifting. We drove to where we had driven south from Langlois a week ago and turned round to explore all the viewpoints and side roads on our right, being easier to turn into them from a southerly direction.

Our first stop was at Arch Rock which was a short distance from the turnout. And featured a large rock about 100 yards offshore with a hole right through it. We went on to the next one which was a natural bridge. There are actually two holes in the rock that can be viewed readily from a boardwalk accessible from the parking lot. There are apparently another two bridges further down the trail, but it involves a climb down, with the inevitable upward climb back, so we decided to make do with the first two. We continued to the Thomas Creek Bridge which is the highest in Oregon at 345 feet. It is hard to get a photo of it. The viewpoint is too close to the end of the bridge to get a view of its length or height.

We proceeded on, stopping frequently to view the scenery and take photos. We stopped for lunch at Whalehead Beach which involved a steep descent down an uneven, unpaved road to a parking lot. It was fairly busy, but we got a spot with a view of the beach and enjoyed our sandwiches as we watched people and dogs coming and going.

We returned to the highway and again stopped at a few spots to admire the scenery before reaching Brookings where we sought out a car wash to remove yesterday's grime from the Redwood Park roads. It was manned by a girl who worked hard soaping up the cars and washing the mirrors before the car entered the mechanical wash. We felt we had got our $8 worth.

We went down to the beach by the marina and a campground. On the way Christine saw a campground which almost met her recollection of the one she would like us to stop at. It did not quite meet her expectations at it was not high enough and was too built up around it. It also was not on the main road. Things change and the traffic pattern may have altered, so we are still not sure. She intends to keep looking!

We looked at the beach and went into a gift store where Christine got some nuts. We then headed back to the campground, through the produce inspection check, where they told us to proceed without asking any questions.

At the campground we prepared dinner and after dinner sorted out the day's photos and read.

Tomorrow we head south to Eureka - unless we encounter that elusive campground when we will stop there!

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