This morning Ross & Marge left Saginaw, Minnesota for Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and the O'Neil Creek Campground. The total distance was 156 miles and they arrived at the campground around 1230. It is a very secluded campground well off the main highway and down a short dirt road in an agricultural area.

They stopped to re-fuel about 100 miles into the days trip where Ross pumped 52 gallons of dieesl at $3.80 per gallon. This fuel station had both number 1 diesel and number 2 diesel. Number 1 is used in the winter because number 1 diesel has much lower gel point but there is a cost for that characteristic as the number 1 diesel cost $4.55 per gallon.

The town of Chippewa Falls is about six miles from the campground. Chippewa Falls is a small rural town of around 16,000 people. The campground operator told Ross & Marge about a good bar/restaurant that they had passed on their way in to the campground. After getting set-up Ross & Marge drove to the bar/restaurant for lunch and while they were there one of the patrons told them about a great ice cream shop in the town of Chippewa. Well they just had to visit this ice cream shop and they drove there after their lunch. They located the ice cream shop and it was packed with adults and kids. It seems they got their just after the nearby school let out. They stood in line for about five minutes before they were served. The ice cream was good but not as good as Scotsburn Ice Cream nor was it as good as the ice cream they ate in Cedar Springs, Michigan when they were there for their grandson’s graduation.

The landscape after leaving the metropolitan area of Duluth, Minnesota/Superior, Wisconsin area was forest for about 60 percent of the drive and rural farming for the remaining 40 percent. The farming was a mix of dairy and crop farming with the corn crop being about three inches high at this time.

The weather today has been excellent. The sky is clear with some very high cirrus clouds. The sun is bright and the temperature is in the mid 70's with a light breeze. In the direct sun it is very warm but not uncomfortably hot. Now that is Ross' take on the weather comfort where Marge is most like to say the temperature is cool and she would like it a bit warmer.

Tomorrow they head west and they plan on traveling about 150 miles which should put them about 50 miles west of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area and hopefully the interstate bridge that crosses the Mississippi River will not collapse as it did several years ago, killing several people.

On that thought, that will be all for now,

Ross & Marge

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