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Lower Barron Gorge

Falling rock protection

Where is that train

Here 'Tis

On the train

Kuranda main drag

Barron Gorge falls

Gondola passing

Northern Cairns suburbs

Caravonica station

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Barron Falls

16TH July

This morning we have taken a drive to Barron Gorge. Commissioned in 1963, producing the cleanest form of electricity, capacity to generate 66 megawatts of renewable energy.Enough electricity to power 36,000 homes a year.Reduces green house gas emissions by 260,000 tonnes a year.

17th July

Today I feel a bit out of my comfort zone. We are travelling on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. I am fine with this part of the journey but a bit unsure about the travel back. We are travelling back on the Skyrail. The world's most beautiful rainforest experience.

The railway began construction in 1886 with up to 1500 men at time armed with only picks, shovels and dynamite. Almost three million cubic metres of earth was removed from the landscape to build 37 kilometres of track. Officially opened in 1891 to serve the bustling goldfields.

Travelling through rugged mountains, and waterfalls we have a stop at Barron Falls lookout before reaching the township of Kuranda. We have a few hours to spend here so we decide to have a look around before lunch. Our lucky day lots of markets to browse through. After a nice lunch at the local pub we head back to the Skyrail.

The Skyrail was completed in 1995 after one year of construction. All towers were lifted into pace by helicopter. The tallest tower is 133 feet[40.5 m]. There are 114 gondola cabins. The highest point is Red Peak Station at 1,788 feet.[545 m]

Skyrail takes you on a 7.5 km journey over and through the Barron National Gorge amazing views of ravines, gorges and rainforest. Wasn't too sure at the beginning of the trip especially the occasional stops high above the treetops, in the end an enjoyable experience.

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