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Carpes Diem & Dinkum boondocking at Wal*Mart

Someone took an hour away from us

Road work along I 90

Lets go across the median

We just love these sections

Entering Minnesota on I 90

Tue, 09 Jul: On the roll again, this time heading east. After some five plus weeks in western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming it is time to mosey. So we moseyed.

We got underway a few minutes before eight and headed east on I 90. Following the rain and thunderstorms of the past few days, the weather was pretty good. In fact, other than a crosswind from the north, we'd classify the weather as pretty close to perfect.

We changed drivers every hundred miles, and the South Dakota Department of Transportation made it easy for us to do so by spacing the rest stops almost exactly fifty miles apart.

We crossed into the Central time zone, which made it an hour "later" than we'd started. At the second driver change we dined on left overs from all of our dining out. Late afternoon we stopped for fuel at the Pilot/Flying J in Sioux Falls. We've been using our Pilot/Flying J RV Plus credit card, which allows us to charge our fuel and save 6¢ per gallon off of the already discounted cash price. It also allows us to fuel without going inside for authorization. We like it.

We crossed into Minnesota and continued another forty miles to the town of Worthington where we boondocked at the Wal*Mart. As is our custom, we thank them for their hospitality by shopping in the store. It worked perfectly for us as we did need some perishables.

With the time zone change and almost 400 miles of driving we were two pretty tired "campers". We crawled into our bed about ten Central time and enjoyed a quiet and restful nite.

All in all, about as perfect a day's drive as one could ask.

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