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This was some strange roads to drive, but awesome

John made it through now our turn

John is waiting for us to join him

Don't think it is adviseable to go any further, what do you...

Tom walked past where we could take our vehicles and the path...

Debbie and Debbie

Lunch time

Elephant Knees are what they are known as

Desert Tree

Desert Plant

More Desert Driving


Could one small right be holding this entire ledge up?

Debbie on the ledge

Debbie & our jeep

Friend Debbie in the cave of a mountain base


Jeep in the Desert

How do you think this cactus grows?

Flowering Ocotilla cactus

More desert Flowers

Our RV and Jeep in the Desert with the solor panels raised...

Our camping compound

Another amazing day in the desert along with a great 4x4 Jeeping experience. Today we went to visit Fish Creek Trail which is a trail that follows the Fish Creek Wash. The mountains are made out of hard sandy type of material. It also has some incredible scenery. We drove as far as we could safely go with our jeeps. To continue means you would needed to climb rocks and we were just not up to doing that. I do want to keep my jeep scratch free (smile)...

If you do only one drive in the desert, this should be the one. It has it all, an outstanding scenic and geologic experience, wind caves, and Sandstone Canyon, a slot canyon with walls 200 feet high.

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