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Santa Land sign

Candycane Light Poles

Sign on Girl Scout Office Building

Electrical Posts in WalMart parking lot for engine block heaters

The Ice Museum - beginning of film

Globe Ice Sculpture

Camel Ice Sculpture

Snowmobile Ice Sculpure - note sign

Ice House

Eddi & Sam

Ice House from outside

Andy demontrating ice carving

Almost finished

Finished sculpture

Today we departed Santa Land RV Park in North Pole, AK to drive to Rivers Edge RV Park in Fairbanks, AK (a total of 17 miles). Picture number 2 shows the candycane light poles along Santa Claus Lane. Following our 'long' drive, we went downtown and had lunch at Soapy Smith's Pioneer Restaurant. The head waiter, Bill, was quite a character and put on a show for all of his customers. We then went to the Ice Museum. Fairbanks is home to the International Ice Carving Competition held in late February/early March each year. There was about a 40 minute film about the area and how ice sculptures are made. Along the side aisles of the auditorium are several displays of this past years ice sculptures kept in 20 degree F rooms. Down front they have a cool room, kept at 20 degrees F, where we could experience the cold and have your picture taken. The snowmobile is located in this room, thus the do not touch sign. You could enter the Ice House, but I wouldn't want to lie down on the bed. Andy gave us a demonstration of how an ice carving is made. He has won a total of nine awards, including 2 first places, in the Competitions since 1999. The sculpture you see at the end was made in about 10-15 minutes. The room where he is creating the sculpture is also kept at 20 degrees F. A variety of tools are used to make the sculptures, including chain saws, rotary tools, chisels, and blow torches, although Andy only used a chain saw and rotary tool to make this figure.

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