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There are well-preserved fossils at Fossil Butte Nat'l Monument!

Such as this Softshell Turtle!

The J. C. Penney "Mother Store"!

Our site at Snow Canyon State Park!

Our view!

Howard runs the 10K route for the Senior Games next week!

Landscape of sand dunes, red Navajo sandstone & black lava rock!

The Biggest Losers are here!

Admiring the scenery!

Which way?????

Our "Ayers Rock"!

Contemplating vertical columns..

...and horizontal wave patterns!

I just realized I almost sat on a tiny cholla, a very...

Howard endures shots for FB birthday status!

Leaving Star Valley after spending a great two weeks, we meandered the back roads to Fossil Butte National Monument near Kemmerer, WY. Some of the world's best preserved fossils are on display at the Visitors' Center: fossilized fish, insects, plants, reptiles, birds, and mammals are exceptional for their abundance, variety, and detail of preservation. Most remarkable is the story they tell of ancient life in a sub-tropical landscape 50 million years ago!

In Kemmerer we saw the J. C. Penney "mother store" founded in 1902 by a 27 year old man who arrived by train to start a new business. He couldn't afford the train fare twice, so he made a commitment in dollars before seeing the town. A scattered mining community, Kemmerer had about one thousand residents, a company store that operated on credit and 21 saloons where a good deal of spare cash was spent. Mr. James Cash Penney went on to become a pioneer among retail entrepreneurs!

St. George in southern UT is our ultimate destination so we conveniently overnighted in Provo at the Lakeside RV Park & Campground. We found this to be a very nice and reasonably priced family facility a few miles west of I-15, near the Utah Lake and Provo River. The "park-provided" cable TV allowed us to cheer for Boise State vs. Oregon State in honor of our BFF, Beth! Otherwise, the abundance of trees would have precluded any satellite reception. Should probably mention that had the Oregon Ducks or CAL been playing the Boise Blue, no such friendly favors would apply!

In planning our stay in St. George for the Huntsman World Senior Games, we wanted to be near the course for Howard's 10K road race which actually starts in Snow Canyon St. Park and ends in the nearby town of Ivins. The state park is fully booked for the race date of Oct. 4th and has a 5 day maximum stay. Plus we are arriving almost a week early to scope out the surroundings. Luckily, there are 2 hookup sites available on a first come, first serve basis and one happened to be vacant when we arrived on Sunday, the 26th. We need electric due to 100+ temps so grabbed it for a 5-day stay, figuring better to have our time here now to enjoy this beautiful location and all the runs and hikes and photo ops so conveniently at our disposal.....before the troops get here for the games!

This strikingly colorful canyon is 11 miles northwest of St. George. Facilities include a 35-unit campground, modern rest rooms, hot showers, electric and water hookups and a sewage disposal station for $20 per night. The incredibly beautiful setting of Red Navajo sandstone, capped by an overlay of black lava rock with a multitude of interconnecting trails made for many early morning outings. We had to be out by 8 a.m. at the latest and back before 11 a.m. to avoid suffocating heat exposure.

I should mention that the Biggest Loser Resort is located nearby and the participants and trainers were out on the trails on a daily basis. One day I had started on a short hike without water and ended up longer and hotter than planned. Fortunately, I spotted a Biggest Loser van parked at a trailhead and was given an ice cold bottled water to keep me going! They are an impressive group.

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