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The gravel road on the way to the highway

Tiered crops

Entering the little town of Stanton

Pretty little church in Stanton

Oddity along the highway

The Apple Store in Omaha, Nebraska

After a little research, J.C. discovered that the nearest Apple Store is in Omaha. There are NO Apple Stores in South Dakota. Since we are planning to stay in South Dakota into October, we decided to make the long day trip into Omaha. It's about 200 miles round trip.

I need a new battery for my lap top, the DVD reader is not functioning properly on our Mac Mini and we think we might update our iPhones. We have the very first generation of the iPhone and would like to take advantage of some of the new features of the latest and greatest model, 3GS. Features like GPS, larger capacity, faster processor, better camera, video and more.

Well, of course we bought two new iPhone 3GS and a new battery for my laptop. I don't think we would have made the trip if J.C. didn't have every intention of buying us new phones. Finally, at about 4 PM, it was time for our appointment with the genius bar for the Mac Mini and check out my laptop for a power connection issue. Well, the part needed for the Mini was not in stock and the tech replaced my battery for free. We had already bought one, so he refunded us our money. That saved us $120.00. Yea!

It was a very long day, but we had a nice ride and we got new iPhones! I have discovered that I cannot see myself without one. I use it for everything: phone, laptop, mail, camera, photo library, music, books, and more. I can hardly wait to try out the GPS.

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