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I'm no match for a Viking

Slowly moving through the rolling hills.

It was pandamonium at the beginning. How the hell do they fit...

View from just outside our compartment.

The train ride from Dar to Mbeya was definatly one of the cooler experiences we have had on the trip. First, it's nice to break up all that bus transport with a trip on the train. But besides that, it was really cool to see all the activity that occurs along the way. Train is pretty slow but that's ok, because we are in no hurry. We got pretty good treatment from the staff.

We were looking forward to getting out of the crazy heat in Dar. Dar is at sea level and Mbeya is like 1700 meters above sea level so it is quite a bit cooler in Mbeya. During the night, the train did its largest assent. So, when I went to sleep (this is Maciej), I was lieing there sweating, in my underwear. By 4 or 5 in the morning I was shivering from the cold. Didn't really expect that. Asked Rikke to warm me up - she said hell no.

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