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Sullivan Arena






Well back in Anchorage. Betsy is to fly out Tuesday night for Pittsburgh. Right now we are taking inventory of what items we need to restock before starting out again.

Took Betsy to the airport, which is a pretty big airport. It was so funny sitting there waiting to load her luggage. We had to wait because they had to load a Delta plane first before they could take hers, so we sat there to wait our turn. We saw more coolers of fish being loaded than we saw luggage. I think everyone from the lower 48 (as they call us) came up here to fish. Well Betsy got off ok and it is now 1 am, still only starting to get dark, and we are going back to go to bed.

Went to the Sullivan Arena to see Joe Wooden, who used to work for the Mellon Arena but he was not in. They did call one of the engineers down to show us around, Bub was in his glory. We then went to David Green's fur store. where they were holding a fur coat that Bub purchased for me. The last time we were in Anchorage we bought it but it had to be altered some. It was done and I got to bring it home. Never had a fur coat and I was wanting some thing that was truly Alaskan and I think I got it.

Decided to get caught up on some chores. I am in the laundry room doing wash and Bub is washing the rig. I scrubbed the carbet before I came over here so hopefully it will be dry by the time I am done. Bub wants to check everything over on the rig before we start out again.

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