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You see a section of field....but we see the stakes and it's...

The very low South Saskatchewan River

Skytrail - Canada's longest pedestrian bridge in Outlook SK

Between the Hand Hills and Drumheller

A very young Robin

Hi Friends

I guess I was so excited to mention the VW that we purchased that I completely forgot to write about our trip to Ardath Sask to view our property on June 21st! Oh well better late than never.

Yes, it rained on our way east – actually it poured! Sometimes it was so intense that many people pulled over due to the lack of visibility. It may not have been the weather we were hoping for, but the farmers were very happy. A few people we spoke to said that if it hadn’t rained this weekend they would have lost everything! So we are glad for them.

Ardath is a very small town about 10 minutes from Outlook – about 50 min south west of Saskatoon. It used to be a big booming town many years ago, but today it is a small community consisting of about 5 houses, a rec hall, and a church. Our property is a 50 x 125 foot section staked out in a field. It really is a nice place and there were quite a few trees around the area – so unlike the Sask we were expecting to see. We were very pleased when we arrived. We were also very lucky that the rain stopped long enough for us to walk around Ardath and view everything. Then just after we left, it started raining again. To the guardian angel watching over us – thank you!

We stayed the night in Outlook and took the opportunity to see the Skytrail – Canada’s longest pedestrian bridge. It used to be the second largest rail bridge in Canada when it opened in 1912. The last official train to cross the bridge was on March 16,1987. Instead of letting it rot, in the late 1990’s CP Rail donated it to be used as a segment for the Trans Canada Trail. Crossing the South Saskatchewan River it is ¾ of a mile long and over 156 feet high. Do you see the photo of the river? Notice how low the water level is? That tells you how little rain they have had in this area.

The next day the rain had stopped and we drove back via the Hand Hills in Alberta just east of Drumheller. We found out that these hills are the highest elevation from here to the Laurentians in Quebec! Taking many photos we were luck to catch a unique view as we travelled up and over many hills heading west towards Drumheller.

Home again and we took this photo of the baby Robin. I remember just a short while ago when it was born….I was sitting eating breakfast and looking out my window……I see momma Robin fly into her nest and suddenly this yellow head pops up just quick enough to get its food and its back in the hollow of the nest. I was so excited to see such a young Robin. As the days passed I would see the baby grow and today was the last day it sat in its nest – this photo was taken just an hour before it flew out of the nest never to return. Now we see this empty nest deteriorating in the wind and weather. Oh well we all must move on to other adventures waiting around the next corner!

Hope this note finds everyone healthy and happy – take care, Peter & Connie

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