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Typical morning on the water in the Puget Sound

Leaving Bainbridge Island this morning with Seattle in the distance and a...

The harbor at Bainbridge Island, there was sun for about 1 hr....

Entrance to the tiny harbor on Blake Island

Trail we took around the island, about 3 miles long. Really pretty...

The "longhouse" where Indians dance and cook salmon dinners during tourist season.

Yeah, couldn't resist..

So we tucked into Bainbridge Island at the city dock for a couple of nights (no power or water) and very little dock space due to the extreme high and low tides we have been experiencing lately. If we don't watch this, we could be sitting on our keel in the mud/rock/whatever is down when the tide goes out. Luckily we realized and moved further out on the dock after the very nice landing Mike did in front of about 8 Coast Guard officers. It's always nice to look good when people are watching instead of the other way around. Had a nice stay and left our car there for a week till we get further south in the sound.

We now sit at a dock on Blake island. Nice stop that looks like it would be quite busy in high season. Mike and I hiked around the island (about 3 miles) and really enjoyed having the place to ourselves. In season there are Indians dancing and cooking a salmon dinner in the "long house" for tourists. We heard it is worthwhile but they are not open until late February so we won't be able to partake this time. Due to some advice from the Chandlery guy he gave us some tips on where to go and what to see. We observed the 3 microclimates on Blake Island he mentioned. Next we head to Port Orchard, Quartermaster Harbor on Vashon Island, Gig Harbor then to Tacoma to see the glass museum. We will take a bus then ferry back to Bainbridge from there to get our car. A road trip will probably be taken to Olympia then start heading north up the eastern side of the sound. Whew! All this is our near term plan because we are having a week without rain. Yeah! This morning there was blue sky for about an hour. This weather could get me depressed over long periods of time. I think my brother in law who has lived in WA his whole life is right, "you gotta have enough money to get out of this state every so often". I sure miss the weather in sunny California.

Meanwhile we are catching up on reading, I am knitting and working on our ship's log.

Miss you all!

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