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Our bus at Rotorua Thermal Holiday Park

The bus is connected to 240 AC Electricity! Yay! Phones on full...

Where we stayed in Rotorua.

A very funky car parked outside the Maouri Arts and Geyser centre...

A Maouri village (looking a bit brand new) with the meeting house...

Um. I think the sign says it all...!

A very scary statue of a maouri warrier. GGrrrrr.

Apparently the sunken houses meant they were less likely to get invaded.

Inside the maouri meeting house.

Helen inside the meeting house.

Close up of the wood carving on the walls.

Another mudpool at Rotorua - this one is huge!

Prince of Wales Geyser at the centre.

Gareth loving the whole "forest fire" effect.

Strange blasts of steam suddenly exit Helen's left ear.

Suddenly all hell breaks lose - Geysers going off left right and...

The old boy simmers down and we wait for the next 'eruption'.

There she goes again!

Gareth at Te Whakarewarewatangaoteopetauaawahiao. Or something.

Taupo from the top of the hill!

Old dormant volcano in the distance.

Gareth and Helen at Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

Heather and Chris - Lake Taupo

A very random plane outside McDonalds! What's the deal with that!?

Hey guys!

How are you?

So today we went to see the Rotorua Maouri Art and Cultural Centre. It's great! They showed us a traditional village, where they live and what they eat! Very exciting. They also showed us one of their cultural shows - great stuff. The walls are carved of wood, amazing all the way through.

The main part of the whole complex is the geysers. They only 'go off' about once an hour, so Helen and I sat there on the *hot floor waiting for the various different floods of water to come out of the ground. Amazing. We loved it - one of the geysers spurts out water 30 metres into the air and is quite spectacular. The weather was ok, but it's getting colder as we gradually go south. We imagine we are going through very much what Cornwall and Devon are right now! 10 - 15C and lots of rain.

Keep in mind that the camper doesn't have any insulation and it gets bloody cold at night! Sometimes we can see our own breath. Compare this to Fiji where the nights were unbearably hot. How things change in less than two weeks. We are currently going through a bit of 'Seasonal Adjustment Disease' (SAD!). Going from climate to climate is really wierd and takes getting used to.


Apparently there are lots of sand flies in the South Island, so we'll have to stock up on DEET for that.


After Rotorua we campered down to Taupo. Were witness to lots of dangerous driving, highlight being an 18 wheeled articulated lorry with a caterpillered digger on the back overtaking us at 90mph. Just plain crazy here.




Welcome to Taupo, next to the Great Lake, or 'Lake Taupo'! The lake is huge and very beautiful.

In the afternoon we met up with Heather and Chris in town and they told us about their day. In the evening we went to a pub quiz! We got 29 out 62 which was poor, but hey it's all good fun!

Anyway... Go to the next day!!!!!! YOU'LL LOVE IT!!!!

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