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byron bay - main beach


the most easterly point on the continent of australia

byron lighthouse - yeah, it works.

big surf

people paying lots of money to have fun

byron bay is where i am. sally is...well...i dont know where. but wherever she is, shes having fun and has earned the right to dissapear. last i heard from her, she was saying something about swimming with great white sharks. who would want to do such a thing?

byron bay is cool. its a little spendy, but has great beaches. ill be here til thursday. i only have enough money for shelter and food until i make it home. i made a grocery store run last night. amazing - the versatility of PB&J and cereal. and so little to cleanup after the meal! they say this is where the hippies congregate, but im not so sure. after living in a alaska for a bit, maybe ive learned to block them out and i just dont notice anymore.

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