Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

What scenery

Just wow

Arizona is beautiful


Art shot of my shadow and grill

Shirley working on the camper camera cord

Saguaro cactus

More Saguaro's

Come on

Looks like he's dancing

How true. The other day our bill for the big honkin' dually was $1628.86. Yesterday I went to the Apache Junction Social Security office to check on when I apply as my 62nd birthday is in September and I am taking it. They gave me the scoop, said I did not need my physical SS card (I have lost mine) and that my monthly payment would be $1631.20. That is pretty darn close to the cost of the repairs! Before that we drove out to Gold Canyon to take care of some financial business, came back had lunch at Subway, did groceries and then hung out at the campground. It was a beautiful day. Heading into do laundry as tomorrow is get away day. First time we will be paying for laundry in over 2 months. There was no charge for the laundry at TMM in Tucson. Enjoy the pics.

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