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Another potato farm.

Crossing the Confederation Bridge

Nice to see cars in front of the church on Sunday. Many...

Driving through New Brunswick

rolling across the bridge into Bangor

Bruce is ready for dinner at the Eagle's Nest

A stroll along the river walk after dinner.

A sailboat on the Penobscot

Views along the river walk.

Stephen King's house.

Carla stands in front of the mammoth Paul Bunyan.

We are the tiny little people in front of the giant water...

Sun., July 8th – Today was a travel day to Fredericton, New Brunswick. We’ll cross the border tomorrow.

Mon., July 9th – We arrived in Bangor, Maine for a two night stop to catch our breath from our travels. After researching the highlights of the city, we took the afternoon to do our own self-guided tour. We started with an early dinner at the Eagle’s Nest in Brewer, a local dive known for its lobster rolls. I think I’ve finally had my fill of lobster on this trip, and I must say, Claws of Rockland still ranks number #1! We then found our way to the River Walk along the Penobscot River for a nice afternoon stroll. None of us are Stephen King fans, but when in Bangor, you must drive by and snap a picture of his unique house with the spooky fence and gate. Next we drove to the nation’s largest statue of Paul Bunyan that sits in front of the Civic Center. Our last drive by was a stop at the Thomas Hill Standpipe, the 1897 water tower that still provides storage and water pressure regulation for Bangor’s downtown. After our nightly ice-cream treat, we called it a day. (Did I say this was a rest stop????)

Interesting Facts:

Maine is the only state in the United States whose name has one syllable.

Maine is the only state that shares its border with only one other state.

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