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Carpes at Woodfield RV Park

US 191 in SE Utah is a gorgeous drive

As is US 191 in NE Arizona

Natural formations in NE Arizona

Mesas in NE Arizona along US 191

More formations in NE Arizona

More formations in NE Arizona

Some stretches of US 191 keep the driver busy

View of Ponderosa Pine forest from Rim Trail

Wildflowers along the Rim Trail

We pose with Show Low's Card Players
A storied card game gives Show...

Stuffed Quesadilla at Show Low's Jalapeña Café

Fri, 15 Sept: Happy Birthday Shel...

We were up with the sun. There were a few showers in the evening but they abated overnite and we both slept very, very well. It was nice and quiet and dark. At just shy of 5,000' elevation the desert also got cold so we fired up our bedroom furnace before getting out of bed for "real".

We enjoyed a simple breakfast and got ourselves and the Carpes ready for the road. After retracting the slides, checking the car tow equipment, brakes, and lites Sandi pulled out of our boondocking spot a few minutes after nine. OK, it wasn't all that early after all...

We continued south on US 191 and drove thru some of the most beautiful country we know—southeastern Utah. The red bluffs, mesas, and other formations contrasted with the green-from-the-recent-rains desert plants to make a striking vista.

We stayed on US 191 south thru Utah and into Northeastern Arizona. A few miles concurrent with US 160 and then continuing south. This was our first trip along this route and we were struck with its similarity with Monument Valley to the northwest. Many unique and striking rock formations kept our photographer busy. The only problem was that in many sections the road was so windy, hilly, and narrow that it required 100% of the driver's attention. And, if that wasn't enough, there were strong winds from the south that buffeted us all day.

We swapped drivers in Klageton and Bob took us the rest of the way south on US 191 to its intersection with I 40. We took I 40 west for about forty miles to Holbrook. This stretch of I 40 travels thru the Petrified Forest and does not have a large number of services. Not to worry, on the west side of Holbrook we exited the interstate and found a Maverik fuel station with a truck island. Carpe slurped up 77 gallons of diesel and we enjoyed a lunch break in their spacious parking lot.

From Holbrook we continued south on AZ 77 to Show Low. Then some local streets and we pulled into the Woodfield RV park around 1530. Note, today we moved from Mountain Daylite to Mountain Standard Times. All times are MDT.

After rejecting one site as un-levellable, we were assigned a second site that worked out just fine. In fact, there were enough gaps in the trees for our Dish dish to find all three satellites. That said, this park is fairly new yet the design of the interior roads makes it inhospitable to larger RVs.

Today's drive was another long-ish drive, 273 miles with an overall fuel economy just south of 7 mpg. Strong headwinds don't do very much for Carpe's fuel economy.

Sat, 23 Sep: Busy days...

One of the reasons we chose to visit Show Low is that we have of ourfriends here. Gary & Katy Smith, RoVer's Roost leaseholders, summer here. One of our first orders of business once we settled in was to contact them.

They drove over Saturday morning and took us on a tour of the area. We viewed the Ponderosa Pine forest from Rim View Trail. They introuced us to several area attractions, and even invited us to their place for dinner.

We also managed to get our clothes washed, do much shopping, pick up our mail (a new record for slow delivery—five days from Rapid City. We were intrigued by a Yelp listing for the Jalapeña Café, which turned out to be as good as its ratings.

We were scheduled to meet Gary & Katy to see an old car show, but Saturday's rains put the kebash on that...

All in all a great visit!

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