Off to South America - From Alaska's North to the Tip of South America travel blog

Well thanks for joining us on our South American trip. For those of you from Alaska, we watched your really cold weather and were glad to be in the Southern Hemisphere away from it...and we were sorry you were experiencing such bad weather in Fairbanks!

Some recommendations we would offer regarding this trip:

1) We would do the first segement again - Los Angeles to Santiago/Valparaiso. We had a lot of nice ports to explore, the weather was summertime, and that 17 days was the cheapest of all three segments because it was a repositioning trip. It was well worth the cost.

2) When you can avoid "holiday" segments, do so -- the 10 days Dec 21-Dec 31 were double the cost of the 17 days Dec 4 - 21. But, if you are trying to escape Alaska winter, they are hard to avoid.

3) Get a really good Spanish/English dictionary. We finally found one in Buenos Aires and it helped a lot.

4) We loved the week in Buenos Aires. If you get a chance to do that let us give you some maps and ideas.

5) Weather is unpredictable and the farther you go in South America the more challenging the storms and winds impact the sailing. So go with that in mind and be prepared for changes in the itinerary.

6). We have videos from the ship if you want to see them to determine if you want to go there. We were glad we went and we learned a lot about the beautiful people and countries of South America. We are closing out the journal now and enjoying a visit in Texas with the family. Back to Fairbanks January 31. Bye - Roxa & Terry

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