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Smith River

Iain with Falls on the Smith River

Falls on the Smith River

Iain at Ranger Station

Dawn Redwood Tree

Smith River where we had Lunch

Plaque about Darlingtonia



Redwood Trees

More Redwood Trees


Still More

A Hollow Log

The Last of the Redwood Trees

After breakfast we set off to mail a card and fill up the truck with diesel then went up highway 199 towards Grant's Pass. The drove through more tall redwood trees and went into a couple of side roads to admire them, and stopped at a bridge over the Smith River, then continued on to a ranger station near a village called Gasquet where we got some information from an enthusiastic ranger about things to see. She also showed us a rare type of Redwood tree called the Dawn Redwood. It was thought to be extinct, but was found in China. She was reticent about how this one came to be here. It is a deciduous needle bearing tree, like our tamarack.

We continued on a short distance and stopped where we could see the river and had our picnic lunch. A short distance on was a botanical spot with Darlingtonia flowers. These are also known as Pitcher Plants and Cobra Lilies. They are carnivorous and absorb insects that are unwary enough to venture into the maw of the flower and cannot get out due to a stickiness and downward pointing hairs in the orifice. They look strange and we have not seen anything quite like them. They seem to be found mainly in Northern California and Oregon.

We walked round the looping trail to the truck and headed back the way we had come to a side road with a bridge we had stopped at on our way up. The ranger had advised us to take this road which is unpaved two way, but single track with passing places. The unpaved section is about 10 Kms, but it took us about 45 minutes. The official speed limit is 15 mph, but you can seldom reach that as you are constantly avoiding trees and oncoming cars. It was certainly interesting with many enormous trees and downed timber of extraordinary proportions.

We eventually reached a paved surface and speeded up, near the south end of Crescent City and we returned to the campground. It was an interesting day and quite different from any of our previous excursions.

We prepared dinner and enjoyed it before finishing sorting the photos and reading.

We had intended heading north today, but the forecast was for clouds on the coast and tomorrow is supposed to be sunnier, so we reversed our plans and went inland and uphill where the sun was shining and tomorrow we will head north up the coast.

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