2014 Great Circle Tour travel blog

Today's route

Crop patterns on the hills

Spring planting

Today's "windshield shots"

Winnie taking a break

More crop patterns seen today

Waitsburg, WA

We never did see the brewery

Farm graffiti

Dayton, WA

Traffic jam on US 12

Lost Highway Museum in Pomeroy, WA

The watch dogs in the Lost Highway Museum





Old Mayflower moving truck at the museum

County courthouse in Pomeroy

Metal plate sculptures just outside of Pataha, WA

Salmon mural with an aluminum canoe wave sculpture

Lewis and Clark party statue grouping

Drive up Lewiston Hill on US 95

The old route for US 95

Panoramic view from the top of Lewiston Hill

Cows grazing on the hillside

Transmission line towers

Student driver learning to negotiate the switchbacks

Sue & I at the top of Lewiston Hill

Sue reading about Lewiston Hill

Motorcycle riding up the old US 95

Winnie had to share the road with a huge tractor

More "windshield shots" along our route today

Coeur D'alene Casino and Resort

Winnie in the parking lot of the casino

Fireplace in the lobby of the casino

In my last post, I said we were headed to Camping world of Spokane to get the water heater fixed. The KOA we were staying recommended a mobile RV repair service “Trusty Wrench RV Doc” so I called him. He said the earliest he could get to us would be at 4:00PM on Monday. We decided to hang around another day and get the repair done. We didn’t do anything except go out to lunch as I didn’t want to be too far away incase the RV Doc arrived early. He didn’t get to the KOA until about 5:30PM. It only took him about 15 minutes to replace a thermostat and we had hot water. I ended the day with a nice hot shower.

As we were killing time yesterday, I started looking of things to do on our drive today. I came across a place called the Lost Highway Museum. When I looked at the web site, it had everything I liked in a museum – old neon signs, petroleana, old vending machines, and a few old cars, trucks, and RV’s. The museum is in Pomeroy, WA. It’s a small town of about 2,500 out in the farm country. We got there about lunch time so I called the museum to make sure they were open, but no one answered and the voice mail was full. I decided to walk over any way, since we had driven there. The front door was unlocked so I just walked in. As soon as I did, two tiny dogs started barking at me and nipping at my ankles. I walked through the building calling to see if anyone was around, but no answer so I stated to show myself around and take pictures. The owner, David Webb, has quite a collection as you can see from the collages I posted, but it is a mess. There were old neon signs, restored neon signs, porcelain signs, metal signs, gas pumps, oil cans, old TV’s, big shoes, old vending machines, etc. He even had what looked like a ’57 Chevy RV. If they haven’t already been there, Frank and Mike of American Pickers should pay the man a visit. It was a real honey hole. I spent 15 or 20 minutes walking around, taking pictures and trying to make friends with the watch pups. No one showed up so I had to get back to Sue and Winnie so we could move on. We got about 25 or 30 miles down the road and I a call from the owner who wanted to know what I wanted. I told him I had visited the museum, but no one was around. It was kind of a strange phone call.

We traveled through Clarkston, WA and Lewiston, ID where the Snake and Clearwater Rivers come together. We crossed the Clearwater and headed up a long, steep climb up to Lewiston Hill. There is a scenic overlook at the top so we stopped to look down on the valley with the two cites and rivers. Out rip up the hill was on the new US 95. It was built to replace a winding two lane highway that snaked its way up the hill from 1917. While standing there Sue met a woman and her dog from Moscow, ID, and a couple from Alberta. There was also a tractor trailer parked at the top, but it left before we got there. It turns out according to the Canadian couple that it was a student CDL driver and his instructor who were going to drive the switchbacks of the old US 95. We stood and watched as the truck negotiated is way back and forth slowly. He apparently made it down to the valley floor safely as we didn’t see any smoke plumes. The view from the top was spectacular as you can see from the pictures.

From Lewiston we headed north along the Washington-Idaho border. We decided to stop for the night at the Coeur D’Alene Casino and Resort as they had RV parking available. When in Rome, we went in for dinner and spent some money and time playing the slots. They are getting so automated and complicated that you pump the money in (bills, rewards cards, or tickets) and they tell you when you win. We played for about an hour and I still couldn’t figure why I won when I did. We used our $25 in credits for staying at the RV parking lot and getting a rewards card as well as about $15 in cash. We cashed out $15 so for an hour of entertainment it didn’t cost us anything. It’s really a nice casino complex with a hotel, spa, golf course, and other amenities. We’ll be off in the morning with the hope of reaching Glacier National Park tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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