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Coldfoot Camp sled dogs





Jack - gave us a tour of Wiseman and his home














Along the Dalton Highway
































Cannon mount for avalanche control








Pipeline up close








Muskox under the pipeline





Approaching Deadhorse Camp

Deadhorse Camp

Deadhorse Camp

We let Cooldfoot Camp at 07:25AM. After viewing the sled dogs we drove to Wiseman arriving at 8AM. We received a two and one half hour tour by Jack who has lived in Wiseman since the early 1960’s – moving there as a young boy with his family. He took us into his house and other buildings in Wiseman. He told us what is like to live in the frigid north like he and his family do. He is very knowledgeable about all the wildlife in the area as well as the history of Wiseman. A very informative and enjoyable tour.

We stopped at 12:50PM at the vandalized and now dead furthest north spruce tree. We drove up the “Shelf” a few minutes later and into the dense low clouds of Antigun Pass at 13:20PM.

We continued on the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse Camp. We had periods of pretty heavy clouds especially driving through Antigun Pass where we could barely see the highway. Most of the road was in pretty good condition although there were some rough spots along the way.

We stopped for a close-up of the pipeline and dug down about six inches and hit the permafrost that is just like cement. The pipeline is insulated so you do not feel any heat when you touch it.

We saw moose with a young one, fox, muskox, geese, and ground squirrels and some beautiful scenery. The only negative was the amount of mosquitos that attacked us and swarmed into the van each time we stopped.

We arrived at Deadhorse at 8:10PM, had Italian buffet for dinner then got our room assignments.

Tomorrow the Arctic Ocean.

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