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Jen co-piloting

Ric ready for take-off

Ric reaching unbelievable heights

For those who havent seen it, parapenting is spanish for paragliding and what a fantastic experience it was.

With yesterdays bad experiences we were preparing for anything to go wrong. To our suprise, the pick up was on time with a chap who spoke very good English. After collecting another american couple we set off again for the Sacred Valley. A hill/mountain occupied by some radio towers is where we set up waiting for good wind speed and direction. The only bad point to the day was we waited for about 1.30 hours. In that time we got hungry so Ric went off with one of the pilots to go get some food. Obviously the wind thought this a good time to perk up so Jen and her pilot lept on the opportunity and took off, flew for about 15 mins and landed all before Ric could get back (and miss the entire show).

Thinking all was ready to go the wind decieded it didnt want to play. So we waited another 2 hours before we could go. In the mean time we had several false alarms and failed attempts. Jen speaking to a local policemen in the mean time about his time in the riot/anti-terrorism sectors.

Finally it was Ric's turn. With one false start, off he went. WIth slightly better weather than Jens turn, Ric spent a good 30 mins in the air, getting higher and higher after which the pilot decieded he wanted to head in the direction back to Cusco, leaving the people on the ground bewildered as they both disappeared behind the trees. Another 15 mins and some difficulty getting the sail down (the weather was too good)they landed to return back to camp. The second lady to sail had some stomach problems and threw up. Paragliding is not for the weak stomach, it much like a rollercoaster several hundred feet in the air.

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