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60 million year old Moeraki Boulders-WOW!


Seal Lion

We spent our first night camping in Dunedin and it was FREEZING!!!! Started to regret buying the tent but decided a few more layers and an extra duvet was in order. Sharna invested in some extremely sexy Thermals...think little school girl, white tights with matching vest-you can't keep a straight face when talking to her once they're on.

Headed up to the Otago Peninsula after our not so very good night's sleep in search of some Albatros's, saw one-it was huge (much bigger than expected), circuling the cliff face searching for somewhere to land-impressive stuff!

Oh yeah, you may think that now that we have a car that there are no more kit explosions...think again...Sharna now has the confined space of our vehicle to spread ALL her stuff out in-agggghhhhhh!!!!!

Marie x

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