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Aunt Carolyn and Gordon

We drove the back roads (speed limits up to 65 mph even tho we go 55) great way to see the country, to Sulphur, La to visit Aunt Carolyn. What a neat story. She is married to Gordon. They both had lost their spouses and reunited having grown up together in the same grade in a small town in Western NY State. Nice to see how things work out. Not enough time or space to tell all the Aunt Carolyn stories (we have known her for 25 years) but she is INTEGRAL in the lives of Shirley, me, Darci and Collins. When I was transferred from Buffalo to Jacksonville Fl I knew nobody. The receptionist in our Sprint office said you know I have an Aunt Carolyn who lives in Jax and I'll give her a call. She accepted us (Shirley and me) sight unseen based on what her niece Wendy told her. We showed up and we fell in love with each other by the end of the first day. Shirley had to go back to Batavia NY to pack up the house and take care of the kids. I stayed with Carolyn for a month or more, just the two of us. She made me feel right at home. The 3 ladies joined me but we could not move into our house for a couple of months. When we moved into our home a few miles miles, we remained in close contact with the person we were all now calling Aunt Carolyn. She soon was to buy a beach house in Neptune Beach Fl. We would go out on Friday nights and stay until 6 pm Sunday. When Aunt Carolyn would travel she would ask us to house sit 400 feet from the beach. She introduced us to her family and made us a part of it. Now how many people would take 4 virtual strangers in like she did? There are SO many laugh out loud stories and poignant tear jerking ones, that is what makes a friendship. A lasting tribute to Aunt Carolyn is the home Shirley and I own in, you ready for this.......Neptune Beach. When we are done with our trip we will move there. It however is not 400 feet from the beach it is 500 feet. Enjoy the pic of Aunt Carolyn and Gordon.

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