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Reindeer Food Storage

Comet - Youngest

Blitzen - with an Attitude

Cupid - Next youngest

Dasher - Oldest

Santa Claus House

Santa Claus

Santa Claus House - Front

Outside Mural

One of the Santas inside - Notice ornaments in background

Another Santa


Another Santa statue

Carved Animals

More carved animals

Olive Wood Creches made in Isreal

Anyone for Christmas-opoly

Another Santa - near entrance

Today was a quiet day again for us. I was able to watch my first NASCAR race since leaving home. We also went next door to the Santa Claus House to spend some more of our hard earned green. At least we don't have to worry about the exchange rate. I again took some pictures of the reindeer. Yesterday I used the auto-focus on the camera, so today I used manual focus to see if I could get better pictures. We then went into the Santa Claus House to see what they had. If you wanted any kind of ornament, I think they had it. They had gifts from clothes to bowls, to toys and trains. About anything you could think of. It was quite a store just to browse around in. They also send out Letters from Santa, which we signed up for our grandchildren. If you want, you can also get a deed for one square inch of North Pole. It was quite a store.

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