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Maskenthine Lake Recreation Area

View of the deeper part of the lake

There is our spot


Play area


Shallow end of lake

Yes, we did find another one of those hidden gems in the middle of no-where. Maskenthine Lake is about 1 1/2 miles from the small town of Stanton, NE.

The recreation area is about 740 acres. The lake is 100 acres with a 1,500 foot earth dam used for flood control for the town of Stanton. Built in 1976, the lake is a popular fishery and is stocked by the Nebraska game and Parks Commission. Other recreational activities include hunting, boating, picnicking, hiking, camping, swimming and winter sports.

There is no park entrance fee. The camping is $15 a night, electric only, with a maximum stay of 14 days. There is a dump station and a place to fill your fresh water tank if you need it. There are 33 camp pads and a shower house for campers. There is a separate area for tenting. A boat launch, a couple of nice fishing piers, playground, hiking and biking trails.

The only rule that is posted everywhere is "stay off the grass" and "do not drive on the grass". These signs are everywhere! The superintendent is a tree lover and does not believe in keeping them trimmed up high for high profile rigs. We caught our "rabbit ears" (analog antenna) that is mounted on the top of our coach and ripped off half of it. Good thing we don't need that antenna.

This is a really peaceful, quiet and pretty place. The only minor negative is the gravel roads. This area of the country is mostly farmland and gravel roads. As far as gravel roads go, these are really dirty and dusty. The car behind the coach was so completely engulfed in dust that you could not see it driving down the road. Driving the motorcycle on these kind of roads takes extra concentration for J.C. and is a little scary for me. J.C. is really careful and I really appreciate that.

We recently discovered the fabric cover on one of our slides has some damage along on edge. It looks like the hem stitching came out. The resulting loose hem is getting caught and being chewed up when the slide is pulled in. We will not be anywhere near a place to get this fixed, so we decided to try and patch it ourselves.

I found some fabric that was part silk and matched in color. Armed with this piece of cloth, heavy thread, scissors, and a towel to lay on I climbed up to the roof of the coach. Never been up there before. Quite a view. Fortunately I am not totally freaked out about heights. It was nevertheless a little unnerving laying down at the edge to reach out and try to sew the small piece of cloth as a patch and make it smooth. The spot was about 8 inches long. J.C. was really sweet and showed up at my side with a bottle of water and an umbrella. He sat next to me holding the umbrella trying to shade me a little bit. The temperature was in the high 80's and seemed even hotter up there on top of the coach. We got about half of the project done and decided to finish it another day when it was a little cooler. We did finish it another day and hope it will do the trick for a while.

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