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Another Giraffe


Soren enjoying the sunset

Soren and his tent

Soren and the guide

Monkey's playing


The first lion, right after a kill.

Getting tired


Yup, more giraffe's

Nap time


Getin some fluids

Cool Croc

By the way, thank you everyone who sends us a post on the webpage. It is nice to know which of you are reading and enjoying it.

While I wait for Rikke's and soren's safari to finish, I decided to go to one of the neighbouring beaches in Dar and pitch my tent at one of these guest houses. You might think I’d be bored just hanging out here. Nope. Rikke has provided me with some Danish lessons, which she spent what I presume to have been 10 hours putting together. She put it on our new laptop that soren brought us.

I almost forgot the other reason I’m not bored. Met four people on Zanzibar. I just happene to run into them while at the camping place. When the four of them got off that short chanel ferry you need to take to get here, the American girls bag got ripped off her back by a thief. One of the guys, who I will call Johans Dundee (his is clearly related to the australian one) Johnas ran after the guy with a cop and then the guy thief went out of site. It was dark out. Cop refused to go further stating that they would get killed. The Americans lost their passports, credit cards, money and some other important documents. So last night, johnass basically says he’s gonna go down to the water front area that the thief ran off to and asks me if I want to come along with him, the American guy and two massai warriors. By the way, they use massai people in Tanzania as security guards cause locals won’t mess with them - so they are a safe bet to bring along when your confronting thieves.

So I thought why not. Next morning, he hands me a freaking machete. What the shit am I supposed to do with this African sword? I aint no killa. I aint lose no American passport. The five of us drive down to the water front. We go searching for a small bag. Soon enough, we stumble upon a group of 12 or so guys who clearly up to no good. We look around, find nothing, then johans asks around if any of them know of these passports that went missing. One guy takes us to wear he thinks the stuff is and low and behold, the passports are in this small black plastic bag. There is so much garbage and debry that we never would have found it otherwise. Apart from the cash, everything is there. As soon as jonhas gets the bag, he lunges at the dude who took us there and throws a few punches at him. The thief starts running and johnas pulls out his machete and starts after him. I just wanted to learn some innocent little Danish today. I didn’t want to become a machettte wielding vigilante. Jesus Christ man. The masai’s stoped jonhas but he was pissed and revealed that he all he wanted to do was grab the guy, put a knife to his neck so all his thief friends would know not to pull this type of shit. There is no question in my mind that this character is related to crocodile dundee.

Rikke wants me to keep these posts short cause she claims people won't read them otherwise. She's not around, so I wrote a little more than normal.

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