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Library Grounds

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Hi all, are currently in Atlanta, Georgia, after stops in Okefenokee Swamp, Savannah, and finally Stone Mt. Internet access has been lacking and as usual we are far behind in the website with more access questionable. Will update when possible. All Trekies are together and well, Rocky is happy so life is good. Dick & Gail had their Dolphin Motor home in the Hospital, but seems to be operating well now.

More later....Larry

Atlanta was hit by hurricanes the week before we were to arrive, and there was considerable damage in the downtown area. We called ahead to be sure our rv park had survived and everyone was ok there. The people at Stone Mountain Park said you all come on in, we're just fine. And they were. Have we mentioned that we seem to dodge the extreme weather in our travels? Last year we gave credit to the Fontana's, and the blessing seems to still be with us!

Stone Mountain Park we discovered is a huge state park, and another Bonnie park. Beautiful pine trees and overlooking a lake - and plenty of bugs! The park was developed around a huge granite dome mountain (hill). In 1912 a stone sculpture of Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis was started on one side of the mountain. Work was halted and restarted over the next sixty years. In 1958 the State of Georgia purchased all the surrounding area and started development of the entire park including completion of the bas relief sculpture. In addition to the rv park there are several big hotels, two golf courses and an amusement center called Crossroads. Features include riverboat rides, a railway around the mountain, an anti bellum mansion complete with farmyard, a 732 bell carillon that plays daily, a recreated grist mill, local crafts and arts displays, shops and restaurants. Plenty to do if you just stay in the park. The 1996 Olympics used the park as venue for archery, tennis and cycling.

We all wanted to visit the Jimmy Carter Museum - presidential museums have one one of our "things." The museum was smaller than some others, a little more serious - emphasizing concepts of the Carter administration more than deeds, and not much about the Carters personally. It is located on the campus of Emory University. The surrounding grounds are spectacular with rolling hills, blooming azaleas and dogwood and lots of trees.

Then Bonnie and Don went searching for "Tara." We think Bonnie was really looking for Rhett Butler - all us gals can dream!


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