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A thermal pool in Rotorua.

A bubbling mud pool in Rotorua. It's sooo minging! Smells very rough...

Gareth - looking moody. No - it's just smells so rough he's...

A steaming pool, found in Rotorua's town park.

Helen standing next to a steaming puddle!

Look Carefully... The puddle is bubbling from the heat below!

We've just arrived here and it's now 10.05pm. We're very tired!

Guess what! It's our 18 month anniversary today. How nice!

We keep wondering how we put up with each other! We've now been in each others company for about 6 weeks 24/7 and we're doing very well!

Anyway... Rotorua. Very exciting here, but it stinks. Yes. Stinks. That's due to all the 'geothermal' activity here. Lots of science folks - all around there are steaming mud pools bubbling away. It's all very exciting but they absolutely stink the whole town out. It all smells like one big farm. Phewww! The site we are staying on even has a natural spa wit temperatures at 40C so we're told!

Hopefully tomorrow is zorb day for us! http://www.zorb.com

Heather and Chris have now done it and tell us it's great!

Can't wait. They don't call it Roto-Vegas for nothing! Apart from that, more catching up with news from home (news comes to us about once a week!), more clothes washing, more charging of batteries. That's our lot.

Coming soon:



Maybe... New Plymouth

and Wellington

From there another cracking Air New Zealand flight to Christchurch. After that it's onto the STRAY bus.

Looking forward to it folks!!

LOts of Love from Helen and Gareth x x x

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