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Well, we're back. It was a great trip but we were ready to come home and are happy to be here. One of the main reasons it was so easy to come back from this trip compared to others is that we weren't going back to the "same old grind" (ie. we don't have to go back to work!).

Our house and indoor plants are in great shape (thanks Dad!) and the garden looks amazing. Makes us wonder why we normally do all that work to get it ready in the spring when it looks just as good when you leave it to grow on its own! We picked up the Dorky cat from Lorie and Terry (thanks again guys!) and he is settling back in. Was a bit spoiled though and is demanding walks all the time.

We've been a bit rushed this week and haven't had much time for catching up with friends because we're heading out again on June 28. Lorie is hosting the entire Jenks clan at a house and suite that she has rented for us near Tofino, BC. It looks like an amazing property, 1 acre right on the ocean and we're really looking forward to it. So the winter tires came off the TL today and we're heading out on the road tomorrow. Dale is very happy to be driving his own car! Salsa will be staying at home this time and his friend Tammy will be coming to look after him.

We've added photos from Toledo as well as entries and photos for Madrid and London. We've also been working on getting some video clips added and are going back to the older entries and adding them as we have time (may take a couple of weeks now that we're heading out again). There are some things that don't come across well in still photos but work really well as video clips. So look for those and we'll keep adding more entries as the summer goes on, starting with Tofino.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone when we get back!

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