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the opera house

the harbor bridge

downtown, taken from harbor bridge

can you hear the opera music?

im in sydney now and i have no idea where sally is. we were on the bus one second, and the next second i looked over and she was gone! just gone! kidding. only kidding. we went our seperate ways and will meet in a couple weeks to fly outta here. ill be here for three days or so, enough to see the sites that interest me. dont know where ill go next, but i have ideas. ill be taking some pics for this site in the next few days. check back.

i walked to the opera house. even touched it. took some pictures from the harbor bridge. its a pretty cool building as far as opera houses go. if there was ever a coffee table book of opera houses, this one would be on the cover. if there were ever a coffee table book of opera houses, i dont think it would sell very well.

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