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Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta2

Mekong Delta3

This old house

Tile making

Tile making 2

Drying rice

Isn't she nice

Arggh it's the attack of the killer weeds

Watch out for the snapper

Clay bricks being made

Clay brick drying klins

Whats new pussycat

Fishing in the delta

Small bridge

Look at the eyes ooohhhh

Guess what I am selling

The banana boat


verly cheap I give you good price


boat bow



Rice paper

Rice paper drying

Rice paper drying2

Snake wine

Cat nap

Puffed rice

Sticky rice

More puffed rice

Exotic fruit the red one is Dragon fruit

Ok so we arrived in Saigon and the next day we went to the Mekong Delta by boat. The river is like our motorway- everything moves on the river. We were staying at a small guesthouse this night so the day was put in by visiting different local industries along the way...everything from terracotta pots and mud bricks being made in the ovens; to a tile making shop; to a rice elevator; to a coffin making place! After all of that excitement, we were treated to coconut juice straight out of the coconut - yummy!

We stopped for a lovely lunch where all the dishes had little men and women carved out of cucumbers. The host was very entertaining - especially when he smiled. The dentist on tour with us cringed!!!

Later we visited the actual market area where they attach what they are selling to this long poles. Wares varied from pineapple to bananas to turnips (that's a hint!). Everyone looked relaxed as we arrived including the pets! The white cathedral looked very out of place among the wooden houses and water trade. It was from the French influence. The boats were originally made with large eyes to scare away the crocodiles that used to live in the mangroves. Over time though, the environment has changed and the crocs have moved to other parts. The eyes remain to watch over what lurks in the waters.

From there we stopped and wandered down the narrow alleyways to a lady making rice paper (very thin transparent crepe like paper) and rice krispie squares! Photos 30, 31, 32 are of locals popping rice (just like popcorn) in coal dust! Then they add the sticky sugar and with huge chop sticks they mix it all up. Amazing but they never dropped a kernel!

The dragon fruit, etc. we saw in the local land market after our adventures on the delta. That's the fruit that looks like kiwi fruit with it's black seeds but instead of green flesh, it's white. Now you know something new.

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