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Gardens of Hope

Governors House

View from top of lighthouse

Coming into the ferry dock in Nova Scotia

Wednesday, June 12.  Off to New Glasgow, Charlottetown, and ferry to Nova Scotia.  It's a beautiful sunny day, and supposed to get to about 69. It rained last night.  I never heard it, but Jim said it poured in the night. And yes, the leak by the side door is still there.  Momots were not sure if they fixed it or not as there was not time to retest it. Ugh!!!! At least it doesn't affect our ability to use the RV.  Just need it fixed! We headed to New Glasgow and Gardens of Hope. It's 12 acres of landscaped water and flower gardens overlooking the Clyde River.  There's also a butterfly garden that wasn't open yet. It was cool outside, 55 and very windy, but didn't feel bad with a jacket. We spoke to a nice lady who worked there.  She had a pretty scottish accent. After the gardens, we headed to Charlottetown, which is a very pretty city on the coast. It's the birthplace of the Canadian Confederation.  We took a beautiful self guided walking tour. It went by the water and over several city streets. One place was the huge, beautiful Governor's House where the lieutenant governor lived.  It's now a Historic Site. There was a Holland America cruise ship, the Zaandam in port. Next stop was the ferry to Nova Scotia. We arrived about 3 hours early, knowing we could read, etc., while waiting.  The Wood Islands Lighthouse was near the dock so we walked over and toured it. It was awesome. We'd never been in a lighthouse. The views from the top were spectacular! I read a couple of informational things while awaiting the boat.  PEI is 140 miles long and 40 miles across at its widest point. No wonder everywhere we went seemed close. There are 63 lighthouses on the island, 37 of which are active. That's an average of one every 34 square miles! It's the highest concentration of lighthouses in North America.  It was fun watching them load the ferry. There were lots of huge tractor trailers loaded with logs, some of the pulling 2 trailers. Cars went on the second level, but due to our height, we had to go on the lower level with the trucks. We talked with a man from Halifax who said they put the trucks on first and he got bumped off to the next boat on his way over.  I was getting worried, but since we were first in line, we got on along with the person from Halifax. I'm thinking most of the other campers didn't make that boat. Apparently they use larger ferries as things get busier. It was super windy and about 62 while waiting. It was actually less windy on the ferry, especially on the left side. The boat unloaded veey fast.  We're staying at Birchwood campground in Pictou. We were tired by the time we finished dinner so didn't walk the campground as we usually do. I have 16,261 steps in. Guess that makes up for the 2 days I didn't get my 10,000 in. Anyway, it seems nice here. They have a huge pool and it was filled (others were not filled yet) but we didn't even check it out. Trying to leave by 6:30 am to get to see the high tide come in.  It's supposed to be 38.88 feet high!

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