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flower in the pond is cool

how trees are lit down south

lighting up the banana tree's fruit

love these raindrop lights!

more lit up trees

a still of laser light show

my favorite - waterfalls in foreground

with the gods!

and there was music!

Christmas balls

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falling lights!

(MOV - 2.61 MB)

another tree raining lights

(MOV - 17.98 MB)

Laser show part 1

(MOV - 16.51 MB)

Laser show part 2

The beer crew enjoyed an outing to two breweries in Naples, then went to see the lights at the Naples Botanical Garden. I used a wheel chair and Debby, my roommate from the Peru trip, pushed me most of the time.

It was a beautiful afternoon and evening, and we are all feeling the spirit of Christmas!

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