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The sea wall

Meeting place symbol of Amerindians

Squeezing cassava

Ledge for blocks of ice for cooling

Cannonball tree

Bottle Broom

Catholic Church

Giant Sloth

The Market

Scottish Crest

St. Andrew's Kirk

From the bridge over the Demerara

City Hall

City Hall!

Petting a Manatee

Kitty at dinner

Up at 6:45 and get dressed and down to breakfast. Provided by the hotel and the buffet was served by one of the hotel workers. Chick peas, a sort of roll, and two other sauces along with a little fruit.

Then into the lobby where we were supposed to meet our guide at 8:00. By about 8:25 I tried to call the number they had provided but it was disconnected, But shortly after the tour people showed up – Ann and Adrianne. We met the other two people on the tour – Ann and Robin.

All sorts of plans had changed because of flooded roads and other issues. Upshot was that we will do the falls tomorrow, then to the savannah reserve, then back to Georgetown and off to Sloth Island. We can’t tour the space center because there is a launch on the 24th, but we did get tickets to see the launch. All in all the schedule is out the window, but it will all work out.

Then we met our guide for the day – Ernest – a nice, big guy. We were to do an all day city tour so set of to tour the town. We first went to the sea wall and were told about how the town was actually below sea level and water came over the wall more and more frequently. We saw the old British bandstand and barracks left over from the 1960.

Then we drove through town a bit to the Amerindian museum – a small room with some artifacts and pictures but little context. Then off to the formal gardens to see the “cannonball tree” with another band stand and some quite pretty birds and flowers.

Then we went to the Catholic Cathedral, which was in much disrepair, but being worked on. An impressive building with some history – and a connection to the Napoleonic wars in that one of the generals from that war was buried there.

Then we went to the natural history museum with lots of stuffed animals and skeletons. Then to the Giant Sloth museum – with a life size model of a giant sloth – which you couldn’t take pictures of unless someone was in the picture with it! Then to the map room where we saw that one section of town was called “Plantation Kitty” after one of the original owner’s daughters.

Then we drove around a bit and stopped in at a lunch place which was sort of a cafeteria – you picked your food and they served it up for you. Spicy and quite good. We got to chat with our two travel companions and they’re both a bit… difficult. Ann decided she had had enough and walked back to the hotel.

The rest of us then went to Starboek Market which was full of many kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, and various other items. A guy tried to pick my pocket but he had no luck.

We stopped to look at the Demerara River at the unloading ships – all rather small as the channel is not deep. Then off to Saint Andrew’s Kirk – the oldest church in town (celebrating it’s 200th year). There was a meeting going on so we stayed in the back. There was a Scottish crest on the back wall as they had a big part in the church history.

Then we drove across the Demerara River bridge - the longest floating steel bridge in the world. They pull back parts of the bridge on rails to let large ships past. A bit bumpy and uneven but quite interesting. Several wrecked boats were in evidence as well.

Then a stop at City Hall – a beautiful building in quite a state of disrepair. Almost looked like a castle. Then we had to change drivers and afterwards we drove out to the old “Victoria Park” which is now the national park. We walked a ways and Ernest pulled up some grass, then we went to a small pond and fed manatees – quite a few showed up – friendly and begging for grass. We petted them and fed them quite a bit before we had to leave.

Back to the hotel and goodbye to Ernest and to the room. We decide to take a swim so down to the pool for a drink and a swim. We ordered dinner as well. Ann and Robin showed up and Ann took over the conversation. We finished eating and came back to the room.

A busy day. Tomorrow we head off to the falls – we hope!

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