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Ready to Hit the Road

Forgot the extension cord

Toast in the hall way

Day: 1 Miles: 246 Total Miles: 246

Start: Forest City, IA Stop: Sauk Centre, MN

Campground: Sinclair Lewis CG overlooking Sauk Lake

Departure day. Early morning paper work and orientation got us officially prepared for departure. More interesting conversation with our fellow travelers as we waited for orientation. All of the travelers in this group have made this trip before – no rookies.

Departure from Forest City, was right on time with our pretrip predictions. Last night we completed our online grocery order and scheduled our pick up in Monticello, MN. This all worked as planned; our supplies were ready when we arrived and I unloaded and packed while Anne was shopping for fresh food.

More interesting design choices by the engineers at Winnebago. In the kitchen, both electrical outlets are on the sides of cabinets – looks good on paper, but now we need extension cords for the coffee pot and toaster. In the dinette, we have dual USB outlets, a 12V outlet, and a regular 120V outlet – what more could you want. The outlets are under the table and you have to duck around the corner of the table and get on your knees to plug in. I guess we need kids along for the ride to handle this chore.

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