Unfinished Business - Fall/Winter - 2017/8 travel blog

We didn't sleep well last night. The gusty wind kept waking us up and we wondered if it would affect the drive. We've seen too many photos of RV's and trucks rolled over on the highway because of high wind. It was windy when we began to drive, but what we should have worried about was snow. I-40 rises to over 7,000' elevation east of Albuquerque and that's when we encountered the nasty white stuff. It did not stick to the pavement, but gathered in little piles beneath the window wipers. After about one hundred miles the elevation eased and by the end of today's drive we were back in blue sky and mild temperatures. We would like to get this drive over with, but it's clear that four days won't be enough. We have to find a spot to dump our waste water before we get home and once we cross the Illinois border, campgrounds aren't open yet. So after copious research, we've decided to spend the fourth night near St. Louis and zoom home from there. Temperatures at home are well below freezing at night and Ken will need time to winterize the water lines promptly. Lots of planning is required when we come home too early in the spring.

We lost two hours today, one to Daylight Savings Time and another as we entered the Central Time Zone. But when all you do is drive, it doesn't matter what time it is as long as we have a spot to stop before the sun sets. Tonight we are camped in a delightful city park on a golf course. If we weren't in a hurry to get home, we could easily linger here and play a bit. Since this seems to be a route we take every so often, it might be a good place to return to.

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