KayJen Summer 2017 travel blog

Breakfast view

Up at 730 and ready for our next journey. Taxi to the airport and Then a good 2 hr wait only issue here is more people than chairs! Slept until we get to Rome. Walked miles until next flight. Very worried we would miss it as had a passport check. This was an unexpected delay. Plus the long distance to gate. Looks like a wonderful airport but no time

when we touched down in England had to stand for 1.5 for another passport check and entry. Omg. Very hard to stand. Kids crying. Poorly done. Felt bad for all those moms. Now we have missed direct trains to Lincoln plus starving. Mick was wonderful and offered us to stay the night with them and Susan fed us real food. Missed that home cooked meals when traveling. Off early for 830 am train to Lincoln

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