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Norwegian Star Staff and Cast -

Norwegian Star Staff and Cast - Final Night

Sydney Opera House at 7:00 am

Bridge Connecting

Sydney Skyline

Cathedral in Sydney

Bondi Beach - Sydney

Sydney Cenotaph

Archibald Fountain - Sydney

Architecture and Flower Beds

Tribute to Founder of Sydney's Wife

We sailed into Sydney harbour very quietly Monday AM and awoke to the Opera House below us in full display. If one walked to the, starboard side of the ship the steel bridge built in 1932 was above us. The disembarking process went well and we managed to find our luggage in the masses. They had a system of Color coded times by departure time.. Some of the passengers were staying onboard to travel to New Zealand with a reduced itinerary. We had significant lineups for taxis; however we doubt any city in the world can cope easily with 2000 people dumped on them.

Our hotel (40 storey high rise) in Sydney is a very modern one bedroom suite fully equipped with a kitchen and washer/dryer. Our location is in the heart of Thai and China town and offers some reasonable restaurants. We walked in very heavy rain (a shock) to a couple of places including a "high tea". We toured a Sydney historical museum. It is amazing how quickly it evolved from a colony (18th century) primarily of convicts to an ultra modern international city. Asians obviously have a tremendous impact and we expect this will increase.

After the rain gave way we found a promenade in Chinatown and the busiest restaurant The food was great and the following walk interesting Our hotel is so well situated we have lots of options. We are not so enthused at life on an air conditioned 19th floor. Our respiratory systems do not do well in this environment.

The following day brought showers but also a commitment to tour highlights of the city by bus. The driver provided commentary with a Slavic accent who couldn't understand why we didn't laugh at his jokes. We couldn't understand all the words in his punchline!!!!

After touring a local Asia market place we checked out a live musical ( Disney's Aladdin) and enjoyed a sold out house. When you know who was making dinner, Kathy went across the street to buy rush tickets ($45 vs $125 book).

It was time to leave Sydney the next morning but that didn't come easily. We had arranged pickup of our rental car outside of the domestic airport and that involved using the train service. We needed to drive the rental car back into Sydney. Once we crossed a bridge that left high rise buildings in the dust. Ten minutes later we were headed back into the city and its' incredible traffic gridlock. On to the hotel and then heading for our next adventure (unplanned), the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

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