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Pumpkins at the Strawberry Farm waiting for Pumpkin Soup weather

Tatura main st

The original ovens

The 2016 Award winning Vanilla Slice

19th October – Tatura….

As the sun was shining this morning we did the washing and then went out to look at a few things recommended. First was a Strawberry farm that had no strawberries but it did have Low GI Jam and Cider. I procured some samples at considerable expense.

Then it was off cross country to an Organic Apricot tourist trap and when we got there it was closed… Anyway it was a nice drive through the orchards of Ardmona.

Next stop was the Tatura Bakery which has won awards for vanilla slices, bread and fruit mince pies. If you think Beechworth Bakery gets crowded then this place was like a sardine tin. It was take a number and wait…………..

Tatura seems a very prosperous town, Unilever is there and Bega Cheese have a large plant where cream cheese and infant formula is made… Its known as Water Wheel Country and there are hundreds of Dethridge wheels around here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dethridge_wheel so that should also tell you its pretty flat as water wont run uphill…

So I chose the chunky beef and caramelised onion pie and the little pineapple chose the chunky steak. Ok so these pies were exceptional and I understood why the place was crowded… We bought a couple of the 2016 award winning Vanilla Slices and consumed them with great relish at afternoon tea. Ohhhhhh yes I can see why these won awards they were outstanding, beautiful light crisp pastry, exquisite filling, and a simple white icing… I’ll have to put myself forward as a Judge for the 2017 Comp…

We, for the life of us, cant see what we would get for $45 a night at Bright so our route is now modified to stay at Beechworth for $33. The Victorian high country is well within reach of Beechworth and I may be able to convince the little pineapple that we should compare the vanilla slices at the famous bakery…

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