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Luke eating brekky

Mardi looking out the bus window

Site of fatal police helicopter accident ... ten fatalities

Glasgow by raindrops

The famous Scottish dude with the robin

Janine's and Luke's lunch

Tonight's Irish Coffee

What a difference a day makes ... yesterday was a muggy, very warm, reasonably sunny day. Today it was raining, and then it wasn't, and then it was, and then it wasn't!! And right now it isn't but that doesn't mean it won't!!

Luke, Mardi and I went across the road for an all you can eat 5 pound breakfast. It wasn't bad either. Janine had been jogging and wasn't ready for brekky when we were.

After breakfast Luke headed off to the gym, Janine went shopping at the bookstore around the corner and Mardi and I hopped aboard one of the big red double decker hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses. And on such a wet and miserable day that is where we sat for two hours, checking out the sights of Glasgow. And it was very, very interesting. Norma, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable and extremely well spoken (that is, Mardi didn't require an interpreter). She kept us entertained for the entire trip, telling us about this building, that monument and that park.

So ... what are some of the interesting facts we found out?

~ The Glasgow University (of which there are three in the city) is in the top four Universities in the world.

~ There are a heap of murals painted on a number of the buildings and an Aussie graffiti artist (by the name of Sam Bates) was responsible - one was a painting of some famous Scottish dude whose name and fame eludes me with a little robin in his hand. The robin is on the Scottish coat of arms.

~ The last hanging in Scotland was a doctor who had poisoned his wife and his mother-in-law. 120 000 people came out for the day just to watch the doctor hang.

~ We saw the lawn bowling greens which were played on at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014.

~ There is no castle in Glasgow ... only one in Striling and one in Edinburgh.

Our bus ride took us past a lot of different art galleries, churches, museums and lovely old buildings. It certainly was worth it ... we saw a lot (albeit through rain smattered windows) and learnt a lot about the history of the city in the couple of hours we were on the tour.

After that we headed back to the motel, but by that time Janine and Luke were out having lunch at the cute little place up the road. They had a yummy Scottish lunch ... haggis, buffalo wings, loaded fries, steak and chicken parmiagana. It looked good (check out the photo). Mardi and I had a salad back in the warm, dry motel room though, and it was good too.

This afternoon Mardi and I caught a taxi to the Mitchell Library to check out some family tree information. It was a very useful and enjoyable couple of hours. We sat with a lady named Hazel who was exceptionally helpful and very, very knowledgeable. She helped us confirm a few facts about Mardi's mother's side of the family (we found Mardi's great, great grandmother who was born in Kennoway, Fife). We couldn't locate the family in the 1841 census but we did manage to find confirmation about the marriage of her parents, the death of her mother, the remarrying of her father (within twelve months) and their subsequent trip to Australia in February 1849 aboard the Walter Morrice. It was well worth the taxi ride (which was fun too).

Once back at the motel we sat in the bar for another famous Irish Coffee, this time Janine and Luke joined us for the party. We are now having a quiet evening, packing up in readiness to take off for Workington in the morning.

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