Shirley's Trip to Queensland 2016 travel blog

I woke up early so left Ballarat at 8:30 which was a bad move because the road to Daylesford was really icy. The car showed 3ºC until 10:30 & I ended up on the wrong side of the road a couple of times but put the car into 4WD which felt much better although I still travelled only 57 km the first hour.

I realized later that I should have taken a photo of the road which was white with frost with a couple of black wheel tracks which I think were more slippery than the white parts, but at the time I was too busy concentrating on keeping the whole thing on the road.

Fortunately, it wasn't until later in the day after I'd finished driving that I read a couple had died yesterday on that same stretch of road when their car lost control & ran into a tree.

All good once I got on the freeway at Kilmore. I’m not sure about Michael’s GPS though. Last night it gave me a bum steer about 2 petrol stations in Ballarat & today it took me to a non-existent servo in Chiltern. I eventually came across one on the freeway but was down to a range of 60km which, on a new car, was too close for comfort. I had 10 litres left when I filled up so the range computer seems to be fairly accurate.

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