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So much rain that the underpass is flooded.

The Fortress dominates the town.

The padlocks on bridges craze!

Pretty shop signs on the streets.

The Hohensalzburg Fortress from thw caravan site.

Wednesday 1st June – Salzburg

Torrential rain overnight and the forecast is for more to come – damn – it’s apparently lovely and sunny in Ardfern!

We do have Wi-Fi in the caravan and so we pass the time catching up – but we do go over to the café at 11 o’clock for coffee and Applestruddel!

It’s still raining at 1pm, but we hope for a clearance in the afternoon and we will walk to town!

And miracles do happen – the rain stops and we head out to town at 1.30pm – it takes an hour to walk but it’s mostly ok – part of the path is flooded – so we have to take a wee diversion and once at the main river – Salzbach – we encounter another potential one – A City Council guy is moving a homeless family on from an underpass because the river level is rising and they will soon be awash.

In the town there are still many tourists – damn those umbrellas – but it does dry up

For a while and we get to see the Hohensalzburg Fortress above Salzburg.

As we decide to walk back home – we pass by the underpass and it’s well and truly flooded – good job the folks moved out.

We stock up at the local SPAR shop and are home before the rain starts again – only lightly so far at 7.30pm.

So, here we are at 10pm – and it’s still f**king raining – we need a guy called Noah to build an ARK – but he’s not in the phone book and Google does not know where he is. Is this the end of the world?

I always thought that if I was going to drown it would be in salt water (given all the sailing) but it would be a right bummer to drown is a nondescript swollen river in Austria.

Thursday 2nd June 2016 – Austria

Yep, more f**king rain overnight – god this is worse than being in Fort William, at least you expect it to rain there and it’s over in six hours and you get a wee respite – but here it’s just more and more!

At breakfast the rain stops and we hurriedly break camp – all the stuff outside, tables chairs etc, is sodden but we put it all away and then have to wait for another caravan outfit to leave (and they take ages) before we can push (yes, by hand) the caravan back to get hitched up!

But we are soon underway for the short journey to Zell Am See – only 55 miles – but we look ahead and it looks really gloomy but after one valley pass things brighten up and as we arrive the sun comes out.

The campsite is level and nice but the pitches are difficult to establish as there are no numbers.

But we select one facing South and are soon ensconced and have drinks – yes it’s just gone 12 noon.

In the afternoon we cycle to Zell Am See and have a wee drink stop at the Grand Hotel – by the lake side - very nice. It is difficult to remember that we are not at sea level – but at 750 meters – that more than 2000 ft above sea level!

But yet more rain in the evening.

Lakeside Austria next.

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