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In Bangkok

In the room at 3:00 AM

We had no trouble disembarking and did not have to go through immigration as we were doing a transfer. However, the security check was a real bear. Only about ten people were in front of us but each one was searched thoroughly. Then not only went through the bags but also patted us down, felt around the waist and down the legs, then pulled out my wallet to look through for dangerous items (it seems mostly lighters and matches).

That made us a little late for our flight so we hurried along to discover that, although it was to board at 7:05 when we got there – at 7:30 – boarding had still not started. When it finally did we boarded buses and were driven to the plane.

I had thought we had seats together but Alice and I did (row 41) but they stuck Kitty in row 60! Once the plane got underway I asked the attendant and got Kitty to move to a vacant seat right in front of us. We had dinner of… chicken and rice. Actually tasted better than the previous meals!

We arrived at Bangkok on time – 11:40 – but it was a four hour flight as it is only 11 hours ahead of Virginia. Tough flight as we were all tired, and the entertainment wasn’t much. In any event, we left the plane and boarded buses and went through immigration and customs with no problems. In the main area of the airport and looked around for the tour guide - went to the wrong spot first but eventually found the guide, Peter.

He told us to wait at the level below because the whole tour was on the plane and the others had not shown up. Eventually Joe and Ashley – from southern California – joined us, then a bit later the rest of the tour – 13 people in all. We got our bags, headed out into the heat (humid and almost 90 degrees). We joked as we headed to the bus that the time spent in the airport was the “remainder of the day to enjoy Bangkok” was what the 15th was listed as in the tour guide.

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